26 September 2011

Gone for good


You may have stumbled upon this blog by accident, or you are probably one of my old friends who came here for lulz and giggles. Whatever.

This post is just to know that this blog is dead. DED (that is if you couldn't tell already) So feel free to dive deep down into the archives and laugh at how whiny I was back when I was 11 or 12. Because there isn't gonna be any new updates from me. Ever. In fact, you should just close the window now. Because there isn't much you can do here. You'll probably be bored to death by the time you finish reading 2 updates.

What? Still haven't closed the window? Okay, fine, read on if you must.

"But why don't you just delete this shit," you ask?

Well, you have a point, but I'd like to think that this blog serves as a record for me. I'd like to come back in a few years time and look at what state of mind I was in at that point in time when I still blogged. So yeah, I'm leaving it up as it is.

"What about hiding old posts/privating the blog?"

Maybe. Maybe. We'll see.

Thats all you need to know for now. If you happen to be a long lost friend or somebody who wants to stalk me, I'm on Facebook a lot now, and I whine a lot there as well.

Here, knock yourself out: http://www.facebook.com/terrylek

Fare thee well Blogger. RIP. I won't be posting anything again in the near future.